USA ELD Update

USA ELD Update

As expected, the launch of the ELD Mandate in the US has had some issues:

  • The regulatory/compliance agencies in some states are well behind the curve for technology. They simply don’t have the tools to efficiently receive driver’s logs electronically.
  • Inspection officers, understandably, struggle to recognize the subtleties of the 175 different ELD systems that are out there. Their ability to validate HOS compliance on such a broad range of technology is severely limited.
  • Making matters worse, some drivers have not received adequate training. They have a hard time producing driving history, HOS summaries, and explaining technology hiccups.

The enforcement grace period for out-of-service penalties has prevented major transportation system failures. As we approach the April 1 deadline, truckers and government agencies will have to get up to speed.

The agriculture industry was given a 90-day waiver, due to the nature of carrying livestock. Many other carrier groups have applied for exemption status.

All these factors will come together when the FMCSA publishes the Final Guidance.