US ELD Livestock Exemption

US Agricultural Hauling ELD Update

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have continued the ELD exemption for agricultural haulers:

Effective immediately through June 18, 2018, the existing waiver from the ELD requirements for all transporters of agricultural commodities, including livestock, will remain in effect.

Livestock (as defined in 49 CFR 395.2) and insect haulers are not required to comply with the ELD rule for the duration of the FY 2018 appropriations bill (September 30, 2018), and any subsequent continuing resolutions.

Further guidance will be provided as we near the June 18, 2018 expiration for the existing waiver, and upon the publication of any new continuing resolutions or appropriations.

This will be an interesting exemption to follow. The root of the problem is that the current Hours-of-Service are highly restrictive for commodities that require expedited non-stop hauling.

We have a client who is a large pork producer. Some of their hauls are just out of range for the allowed driving time in one shift. Parking on the side of the road for a mandatory off-duty break when it’s very hot or very cold seriously stresses the livestock. They need the ability to extend driving time, as required, and get the animals safely delivered.