Top 5 ELD FAQ’s

Big Road ELD


Over the last few months, we have received dozens of enquiries from concerned trucking operators. We can definitely see a trend. Here are the top 5:

✅How do we choose an ELD Provider? It is very difficult to sort through the smoke and mirrors on providers’ sites. We find that what isn’t on their sites tells a lot about their products. Our website has a few posts and pages on choosing a provider. As well, we provide consultative services based on your specific needs.

✅Is there any way to avoid having to use ELD’s? Sorry, if you have to use paper logs today, you’ll have to use ELD’s in the future. The only exception is for vehicles older than the 2000 model year. As we pointed out in a recent post, (, older trucks are in hot demand.

✅Is there any way to cheat ELD’s? After some experimentation, we have uncovered a few ways to cheat ELD’s, but will not share them for ethical reasons. We suspect that it won’t take long for drivers to figure them out.

✅We run under the 100 mile/160 km radius exception. Will we need ELD’s if we run outside the radius? While the US and Canada have very different rules for running outside the exception radius, it appears that if you do have to provide your HOS history, ELD’s will be the required format in both countries. This causes at least 2 issues: if there’s any chance you’ll run over the radius, you’ll have to always run ELD’s in order to harvest the proper history; and very few ELD providers have an exception rule set. This means that, as you run under your exemption, you’ll have to use a standard HOS rule set. This will cause violation flags all over the driver’s logs, as well as in the backend HOS audit system.

✅We’re considering XYZ ELD Provider, but don’t see them on the list of Certified Providers on the FMCSA website. Why? Many ELD providers are delaying going through the certification steps for a couple of reasons: it is self-certification, so it really has minimal legitimacy; there are still some outstanding issues that need to be ironed out in the technical standards. Canada will probably have a similar certification process.

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