Satellites and ELDs

✅ Satellite Communication Systems

✅ Canada is one BIG country and not all areas have cell coverage. We often get recommendation requests for satellite systems to fill the dead zones without cell or wifi access. Full satellite systems with integrated ELD can be very expensive – Hardware: $3,500 per truck, Monthly Satellite Charges: $1,000 per truck.

✅ It’s important to really evaluate your communication needs if you frequently have trucks out of range. In our experience, many companies get satellite systems that are overkill well beyond their requirements.

Some considerations:

  • ✅ Do you need to regularly communicate with the driver for work-alone safety issues? Some systems have ‘man down’ fobs for remote situations. Most just offer text-like exchanges, with location feedback.

  • ✅ Do you need to send additional BOLs or shipping edocuments to the driver when he’s out of cell/wifi range?

  • ✅ Do you need real time dispatch to the driver?

  • ✅ What’s a permissible non-communication gap? For some routes, the truck is out of cell/wifi range for only a few hours. Other drivers may be out of touch for days.

  • ✅ Most quality ELDs function in full compliance while offline. Active backoffice location tracking is suspended while they’re out of range, but automatically update and download when cell or wifi is available.

We are currently testing satellite communicators that are very inexpensive – Hardware: $250 per device, Monthly: $25 per device per month. They can send and receive real-time texts and emails anywhere on the planet. Some are the size of a deck of cards and sit on the dash. They can be easily swapped between trucks as required – there’s no wiring. Some connect to an app on any cell phone via Bluetooth. Some have an emergency SOS button, as well as a quick ‘I’m OK’ button that also sends the truck’s lat/long info.

If you’re interested in a satellite communication system, please send us a recommendation request: