Preparing for Canadian ELDs

Prepping for ELDs

The rumoured go-live for mandatory ELDs in Canada is December 2019. Sources tell us that Gazette 2 will be released sometime in June of this year. The legislation should take a few months after that. Then a year of prep time.

Lessons from the US ELD Implementation:

  1. Several formal opposition suits and rumors of a variety of Congress reversal bills caused tens of thousands of carriers to delay implementation and training of ELDs. There was a mad scramble in October/November, then the FMCSA stayed out-of-service penalties and fines till April 1. Many carriers still procrastinated.
  2. With a short implementation window, many drivers were simply not properly trained on the ELD system. Inspectors’ tolerance for ELD ignorance quickly evaporated.
  3. Technical glitches in the ELDs skyrocketed, as ELD Providers’ struggled to chase down issues around connectivity, driver device fails, back-office software freezing, etc.
  4. Many carriers quickly found out that the ELD system they chose couldn’t meet their needs. This is particularly evident in the lack of HOS rule sets and cycles. Or even the ability of the driver to switch between cycles.
  5. As we predicted, numerous ELD Providers didn’t develop a big enough market share to sustain their ongoing business. They greatly reduced their help desk and released program developers who were critical in maintaining the software. Some Providers have sold their customers to other companies.
  6. A lot of shippers and receivers still don’t understand the lack of flexibility or the overall impact of ELD’s. Drivers can no longer ‘make it work’ by stretching their hours to make dock times.

What you can do to avoid ELD headaches:

  1. Begin researching and testing various ELDs now. For a free needs evaluation and ELD recommendation, use our easy service: We compare your needs with our catalogue of over 175 of the top ELD Providers. We built the database to assist our large consultation clients navigate through the maze of systems. Our evaluations and recommendations are provided at no charge for small fleet operators. (The cross-referencing is mostly automated and only takes a few minutes. It is always reviewed by one of our consultants.)
  2. Review your needs for trucking management software. Many ELD systems come with really good dispatch, live truck tracking, DVIR management, IFTA calculations, order entry, HOS auditing, etc.
  3. Do an ELD soft launch. We can give you access to an exclusive offer: a top-of-the-line ELD Provider will provide you with a full suite of back office software, plus an unlocked ELD application for your drivers’ devices. Just $10 US/Mth/User. This unlocked ELD allows your drivers to learn how to use the system, while still allowing them to set their own hours-of-service data. Essentially, this is an electronic log book to replace their paper logs. When you’re ready, or have to, implement fully locked ELDs, you simply plug in an ECM module that controls the driver’s ELD app for full compliance Got to:

All of this preparation will fully position your company in the new world of ELDs. You’ll have much better information when bidding on jobs, or negotiating with shippers.

When ELDs become mandatory, your dispatchers and drivers will be fully trained and experienced with the technology.