One Year to Mandatory ELDs in Canada

✅ The Countdown Begins

✅ We are now one year from the date when ELDs will become mandatory in Canada. Based on the implementation experiences of our clients in the US, even one year may not be enough time to be fully prepared and compliant.

Most trucking companies will face challenges, mainly in the areas of installation, testing, staff and driver training, system integration, and reporting. For 10+ truck operations, we recommend 6 months setup, and 6 months live testing and usage before the compliance deadline. This gives you time to sort out any issues before that first official inspection or audit.

If you haven’t yet completed our ELD questionnaire, now’s the time to get the latest recommended ELD options in the market:

We expect that the ELD Providers’ rollout capacity will fill quickly in the next few months. In the US, some Providers were backlogged for months during their implementations.