March 2019 ELD News Roundup

✅ March 2019 ELD News Roundup

It looks like we’ll have some timelines on the Canadian ELD Mandate implementation by June 2019. (See March 2019 ELD Canada Mandate Update )

We’ve seen a steady increase of ELD recommendation requests over the last month. Private carriers especially are looking for ELD advice. As always we offer no-charge ELD evaluations and recommendations: ELD Evaluation Questionnaire

✅ New Legislation to be Proposed for USA Agricultural Haulers (Safety and Health Magazine): The US Senate have proposed a bipartisan bill to review not only the ELD requirements for US agricultural haulers, but, most importantly, the Hours of Service regulations. We’re glad to see that they’ve realized that ELDs aren’t the problem. It’s the HOS restrictions that are causing livestock haulers major problems keeping their cargo safe and alive.

✅ Low Turnout for ELD Protest  (Business Insider): Indiana State Police were expecting 500 trucks to show up for a protest against ELDs. Only 78 showed up. Not sure what to read into that.

✅ Proposed US ELD Exemption for Small Carriers (Overdrive Magazine): Another US Congress bill is circulating that would allow carriers with 10 or less trucks to revert to paper logs if they want.

✅ The Future of Canadian Truck Drivers (Truck News): Some good commentary on the state of the truck driving industry in Canada.

Check out our list of 227 ELD Providers, including Big Road, Garmin, Omnitracs, Gorilla Safety, Blue Ink Bit, Stoneridge, Keep Truckin, Rand McNally, Eroad, Switchboard, & Geotab: ELD Providers List