ELD’s – Are You Really, Really Behind in Getting Onboard?

Less than 50 days till the US ELD Mandate comes into effect!

Choosing an ELD system is hard. Systems vary greatly in cost, functionality and ease-of-use.

How will we train the drivers and dispatchers? Will the ELD company still be around in 6 months? What if the system isn’t in compliance? (Just because an ELD system is self-certified with the FMCSA, it doesn’t necessarily comply with all the regulations.) Why do we have to sign a contract? How good is their support team?

One option is to choose a no-contract ELD Provider. This gets you up and running quickly and legally. We anticipate that ELD technology is going to evolve rapidly, especially once millions of users run the ELD systems for a while. Will a 3-year-contract Provider keep up with industry changes?

There are just a few ELD Providers who have a no-contract option. They fall into 2 camps: you buy the ELD module, and the app and backoffice are free; or you pay a monthly fee for the app and backoffice, and there’s no charge for the ELD module.

If you can’t decide on a system, we recommend going with a no-contract Provider.

A simple and straight-forward provider we like is Simple Truck. They offer: No Contract; No Hardware Fee; No Installation Fee; and No Cancellation Fee. Monthly rates are $25 USD per unit, or you can pre-purchase up to a year for more savings. Their system is plug and play and works with Android smartphones/tablets.

For a Simple Truck demo, please contact us at rona@glcan.ca We can recommend other no-contract Providers and help expedite your system setup.