ELDs & Crossing the Canada/USA Border

Big Road ELD

We had a great question the other day from one of our readers. He was US based and wanted to know how to reconcile the limitations of his ELD system when his drivers crossed into Canada.

Because the vast majority of ELD Providers are US based, their focus has been on US rules. This can cause significant problems for the nearly 30,000 trucks that cross the US/Canada border EVERY DAY.

Although Canada does not require ELDs yet, (we expect Dec 2019), most jurisdictions will allow them. Some provincial authorities prefer dealing with ELDs, as they’re much cleaner and secure than paper logs. Two issues arise from using some ELD systems:

  1. The ELD does not have Canadian cycles/rule sets. This greatly complicates the job of an inspector. He/she has to reconcile the US cycle to a Canadian cycle. This also cuts into a US driver’s productivity, as he won’t be able to utilize the more liberal driving hours allowed in Canada.
  2. The ELD only has a 7 day history. Canada requires a 14 day history for an inspection. That means that a driver would probably have to use the 7 day history on his device, and a signed, manual logbook for the 7 days prior to that.

Each Province seems to approach these issues a little differently from each other. We highly recommend calling the Ministry of Transportation Enforcement for Provinces you expect to travel in – well before your trucks cross the border.

All of the Providers on our recommended list have at least the basic Canadian rule sets, as well as a 14 day history option.