ELDs and Dash Cameras


✅ ELDs and Telematic Dash Cameras

In the last 6 months, we have seen a large number of ELD Providers adding dash cameras to their product offering.

Dash cams are, as the name implies, cameras mounted on the dash of the truck. Sometimes they mount on the top edge of the window. They record all driving during a rolling time window. If they detect an ‘event’, as indicated by their sophisticated motion sensors, they’ll save and transmit the video, just before and after the event, to the backoffice system. Most will also alert the driver via voice feedback, and allow him to replay the incident.

An example of this would be if a driver was cut off by another vehicle and had to do a hard brake. He would be notified by his app, and a video copy of the event would be logged back at the office.

Dash cams have proven to be a powerful tool in monitoring and controlling driver behaviour, as well as ‘at fault’ investigations after an accident.

Some of the events they typically record:

  • ✅ Tailgating
  • ✅ Lane Drift
  • ✅ Posted Speed Limit Violations
  • ✅ Rolling Stop Violations
  • ✅ Harsh Braking
  • ✅ Acceleration
  • ✅ Hard Cornering

The camera usually connects, via wifi, to the camera app on the drivers ELD device – phone or tablet. It’s fully automated.

Commercial drivers are probably the largest virtually unsupervised workforce in the world. Once they leave the yard, you really don’t know their driving behaviour and actions.

Most drivers aren’t keen on dash cams unless their supervisor approaches driving reviews with an open mind. A good supervisor knows the reality of the road and will put incidents in the proper context.

Here’s a video of just some of the shenanigans truck drivers encounter: Swedish Truck Cams Most of these videos are with ‘always on’ cams. Dash Cams have been very popular in Europe for a number of years, primarily driven by their high insurance rates.