ELD Update January 2020

✅ELD Update January 2020

✅USA ELD Mandate

2019 closed with the final USA FMCSA legislating all previously grandfathered AOBRD users to convert to ELDs. This was a major undertaking for some carriers, as the older technology had been embedded in their fleet and with their drivers for many years.

✅Canada ELD Mandate

In Canada, we’re seeing a surge of ELD recommendation requests from Canadian carriers prepping for next year’s compliance mandate. We watched the pain of our US clients who procrastinated getting compliant with the US mandate. It’s encouraging to see that Canadian carriers are moving forward with an ELD solution now, in order to test the system, train the drivers, train the dispatchers and office staff, and to integrate the technology into their management process.

There will be no AOBRD grandfathering exemptions in Canada, so everyone has to be on board at compliance date.

All ELDs used in Canada will have to be certified by a 3rd party certification agency. That agency has yet to be finalized, but we expect that several entities will be approved to do the certifications. In the USA, the self-certification process has allowed some ELD Providers to ‘bend’ some of the rules, particularly around editing drivers’ records. We’ve heard that numerous US based ELD Providers won’t be certifying in Canada, simply because they can’t met the criteria in an independent test environment. That will leave some US carriers unable to come into Canada after the Canadian compliance date.

When choosing an ELD for Canada, it is critical to ensure that the Provider has a solid, stable business, and has adequate IT Developers to be able to pass the certification process. All of the ELD Providers we recommend have committed to passing certification, have a long track record in the business, and have the IT staff to keep the system in compliance. As always, for a free ELD Needs Evaluation and Recommendations: ELD Canada Questionnaire