ELD Roundup – January 2019

Garmin ELD

Here are some recent ELD articles:

Canada 1st Ministers Meeting (Truck News): Nice to see the Prime Minister and the Premiers agreeing on ELDs, at least in concept. Gazette 2 (the official ELD Mandate) is still expected in early 2019.

CTA Urges Independent ELD Certification  (CTA): The Canadian Trucking Alliance is backing the expected independent ELD certification process for Canada. The self-certification process in the US has not gone so well.

ELDs and Truck Rentals (Fleet Owner): There is an ELD exemption in the US for drivers in rental trucks where the term is less than 8 days. Initial information is that Canada will have a 30 day rental exemption rule, but that is still to be finalized.

One Year Left on the US AOBRD Exemption (Transport Topics): The AOBRD exemption expires in a year. In the US, the majority of AOBRD users appears to be larger fleets. Legacy AOBRDs tend to be expensive and bulky. Moving to an ELD platform will be a major transition for drivers, administrators and dispatchers.

ELD Lessons from the USA (American Trucker): A nice list of ELD issues encountered by US truckers, and how to fix them – mainly driver training.

Western Canada Trucking Initiatives (Truck News): In 2018 the 4 Western Canada provinces moved forward on some key trucking issues.

FMCSA ELD Guide for Drivers (FMCSA): Quick tips for avoiding the most common ELD infractions.

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