ELD News Roundup – October 2019

✅ Some recent ELD news articles:

✅ The Rise of InTruck Video (IoT World): Many ELD systems have interconnected dashcams and have proven to be very popular with both drivers and fleet owners.

✅ AOBRD Conversion Date Approaching (Truck Topics): If you’re using AOBRDs and running in the USA, you’ll have to convert before December 19, 2019

✅ ELD Security (Fleet Owner): A critical topic that hasn’t been properly addressed. Most ELD devices communicate with the ECM module via bluetooth or wifi. Both are hack-able.

✅ Some Confusion on US Agricultural Products Definition (Land Line): There are issues with exactly what products/animals are exempt from ELDs in the US.

✅ Compliance of US Carriers Operating in Canada (Truck News): US Carriers coming in to Canada will have to meet the Canadian ELD specs

✅ US ELD Compliance to Date (Truck News): While ELD compliance is very good, drivers are still getting violations mainly around lack of training of the device and regulations.