ELD News Roundup – February 2019

Garmin ELD

ELD News – There has been a lot of media attention on ELDs in Western Canada arising from the recent Humboldt bus crash driver sentencing. Hopefully that will spark some movement on the Canadian ELD Mandate. We have feelers out to the regulatory guys to get updated timelines.

Some recent ELD news articles:

✅ Canada Parliament Legislation Site (Government of Canada): a good website to bookmark. Once Gazette 2 is released, the actual legislation can be looked up and followed as it progresses thru the legislative process.

✅ Switching from AOBRD to ELD (Freightwaves): a new wave of ELD conversions is building, as the USA AOBRD exemption is set to expire at the end of this year. This will apply to all carriers running in and into the US. As the majority of AOBRDs seem to be embedded in large fleets, this will be a major undertaking.

✅ ELD Data for Your Taxes (Truck News): the data in your ELD system can be a good tool when doing your taxes.

✅ ELD Impacts on Crash Rates (Commercial Carrier Journal): some interesting stats on the affect ELDs have had on road safety.