ELD Definitions

ELD Definitions

✅AOBRD: Automatic On-Board Recording Device. An in-truck system that replicates paper logbooks. These systems may not meet the new ELD standards.

✅CCMTA: Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators. Includes representatives from provincial and federal governments. This group coordinates the regulations of highway safety and motor transport issues.

✅CDL: Commercial Drivers Licence

✅CMV: Commercial Motor Vehicle

✅CTA: Canadian Trucking Alliance. A national federation of provincial trucking associations.

✅DOT: Department of Transportation (USA)

✅ECM: Electronic Control Module. The in-truck system that is essentially a computer that reports and controls a variety of engine and vehicle functions.

✅ELD: Electronic Logging Device. An electronic logbook that meets the upcoming ELD mandate standards.

✅EOBR: Electronic On-Board Recorder. Similar to an AOBRD, it provides an electronic logbook.

✅FMCSA: US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is the USA regulatory body who administrates the ELD Mandate.

✅FMS: Fleet Management System. A software/hardware platform that manages fleet activity, eg. Integrated dispatch.

✅GPS: Global Positioning System. A location service provided by satellites.

✅HOS: Hours of Service. The information in a logbook.

✅MOT: Canadian Ministry of Transport.

✅RODS: Record of Duty Status. A logbook or variant.

✅USB: Universal Serial Bus. A standard hardware connection.

✅UTC: Universal Time Coordinated. The system that sets and synchronizes timekeeping worldwide.

✅VIN: Vehicle Identification Number. A vehicle’s serial number that uniquely identifies it.

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