ELD Consultation Update

After offering no-charge phone consultations for a few months, it’s clear that there’s a high demand for advice on finding the best ELD system. There are definitely some common themes in needs requirements.

In order to expedite the turnaround time in our responses, we have implemented a ELD Needs Profile form:

ELD Needs Profile

It captures the critical information we need to recommend ELD Providers that, we feel, best meet your specific needs and operational goals. We have found some truly concerning ELD systems in the marketplace – overpriced, cumbersome, inflexible, nasty contracts, etc. However, we are confident in our short list of good providers.

As always, our customized recommendations are offered free-of-charge. All we ask is feedback on your views of the providers, once you’ve dealt with them. Please see our ELD Review Form on our site.

As we approach the December 2017 go-live, we anticipate delays in getting demos and trials from the best providers. They are already very busy.