Easiest ELD Choice

✅ ELDs and The Path of Least Resistance

✅A Disturbing ELD Trend

We’ve noticed that when a lot of companies go about the process of acquiring an ELD system, they end up with the first Provider that gave them a demo or sales pitch. In most cases where this happens, it looks like the person(s) deciding on a system simply took the path of least resistance. They may do some cursory reviews of other systems, but seem to be overly attached to the first system they saw. There’s a reason for that.

In all purchasing decisions, there’s an ‘it’s-good-enough’ trap. The more options you look at, the more that you begin to realize just how much you don’t know about the topic. We’re all busy, and it can be very time consuming becoming well versed in all of the 147 decision factors involved in choosing an ELD. (For just some of them, go to: The Best ELD )

We’ve seen numerous examples of ‘the first sales pitch’ syndrome and they’re all unhappy with that decision. Many systems have expensive front-ends, meaning you’ll pay a lot for the hardware, (ecm connection module, in-truck device, mounts, etc.). Changing to a better ELD down the road is costly and retraining the drivers is painful. So they tend to stick with their weak system, and move on to other issues.

On the other hand, many companies are frozen in indecision, (there are currently 424 ELD devices to choose from). They can’t parse out the pros and cons of each system. Usually that problem is driven by not determining exactly what the company needs are. They’re looking for perfection without determining a requirements baseline. To paraphrase an old adage: Perfection is the enemy of excellent. While there is no perfect ELD system, there are excellent ones for your business. But they take time to research and test.

✅In a nutshell: when looking for an ELD, sit down and really analyze exactly what your needs are, before you listen to any sales spiel. Then split your requirements in three groups – must-have, nice-to-have, and don’t-care. You’ll then be ready to take on the purchasing decision with a sound foundation.