Dash Cams for Trucks & Buses

✅Dash Cams for Commercial Vehicles

We’ve had numerous requests for information on dash cams from our clients. The technology has exploded in the past 2 years, providing high tech solutions to a variety of problems:

  • ✅Accident exoneration. Dash cams can provide bulletproof HD video evidence that can prove a driver’s innocence in collisions and road incidents.

  • ✅Identify high risk driving behavior. Records telematic events like hard brakes, hard accelerations, hard cornering, tailgating, and driver distraction. Some systems have artificial intelligence coaching capabilities that analyze driver’s risk scores against company wide data.

  • ✅Road facing and dual-facing capabilities.

  • ✅Tamper resistant. Dispatch is alerted if the camera is tampered with.

  • ✅Easy no-mechanic installs.

Many ELD Providers have included dash cams in their product lineup. In the coming weeks we’ll conclude reviews of available dash cams and will provide recommendations to our client base.