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ELD Providers Marketplace

August 30, 2018 ELDCanada 0

ELD Providers Marketplace Update The proliferation of ELD devices continues. As ELD usage in the US trucking industry begins to stabilize, some ELD providers have […]

US ELD Livestock Exemption

May 6, 2018 ELDCanada 0

US Agricultural Hauling ELD Update The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have continued the ELD exemption for agricultural haulers: Effective immediately through June 18, […]

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Canada ELD Update

March 14, 2018 ELDCanada 0

Canada trucking industry stakeholders are calling for acceleration in the implementation of the Canadian ELD Mandate. They have asked that the Final Rule be published […]

Canada ELD Update

January 16, 2018 ELDCanada 0

Canada ELD Update On December 16, 2017, Transport Canada released Gazette 1 on the amendments to begin legislation on ELD regulations in Canada. The government […]

USA ELD Update

January 16, 2018 ELDCanada 0

USA ELD Update As expected, the launch of the ELD Mandate in the US has had some issues: The regulatory/compliance agencies in some states are […]

ELD Market Update

January 16, 2018 ELDCanada 0

USA ELD Market Update The number of ELD Providers now sits at more than 175. In December, we saw a last-minute surge of Providers trying […]

ELD’s Offline

October 26, 2017 ELDCanada 0

Several of our clients operate well out of cell range. This rather quickly identifies the ELD’s configuration issues when working offline, but connected to the […]

ELD’s and Rule Sets

October 2, 2017 ELDCanada 0

One of the key ELD requirements for many truckers is adequate rules sets and cycles for them to operate their business. This includes the ability […]

Gorilla Safety ELD

ELD Out-of-Service Update

September 1, 2017 ELDCanada 0

Good News from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). The inspection/enforcement group has determined that it will not issue out-of-service orders for ELD infractions until […]