Canadian Hours of Service ELD Regulations – Timing Update

How Hours of Service regulations work in Canada:

  • HOS is regulated under the National Safety Code
  • In 2010, the Council of Deputy Ministers directed the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) to develop technical standards for ELD’s.
  • By 2013, the CCMTA had created a draft version of the standard. This version was a result of 2 years of consultation with stakeholders and manufacturers.
  • In December 2015, the USA counterpart to the CCMTA, (FMCSA), released the ELD technical standard for the USA. The CCMTA began updating the draft of the Canadian technical standards.
  • This second draft was released in July 2016 for review and comment.
  • There are issues that must be addressed, primarily around synchronization with the US regulations.
  • The CCMTA expects the final version of the ELD regulations to be completed by April, 2017.
  • Those regulations, if approved by the Council of Deputy Ministers, will be published by Transport Canada in Canada Gazette 1.
  • After public comment and feedback, the regulations will move to Canada Gazette 2, which is the final regulation posting.
  • Transport Canada is targeting to have everything in place by December 2017, to coincide with the US launch.
  • There is a possibility that the Canadian launch will delayed into 2018.
  • Transport Canada does not have the authority to impose these regulations on the Provinces, for those carriers operating only intra-provincially. Each province will decide whether they will apply all or some of the ELD standards to their regulations.

What this all means for trucking companies operating in Canada is that there may only be a small window to prepare, from the time the regulations are finalized, till go-live. During the last few months, there will be a rush to get compliance technology in place. Hardware availability may become an issue, as will ensuring the ELD provider is flexible enough to adapt their system to last minute changes in the standards.

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