Canada ELD Update

Eroad ELD

Canada trucking industry stakeholders are calling for acceleration in the implementation of the Canadian ELD Mandate. They have asked that the Final Rule be published by June 2018, with an enforcement date in December 2019.
The mandate would level the playing field for all truck carriers. While many companies strictly adhere to the Hours-of-Service rules, there are carriers who bend the rules, allowing them to increase customer service and profits.
Among the stakeholders are the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, Teamsters Canada, and the Canadian Trucking Alliance.
The Canadian ELD Mandate is currently at the Gazette 1 stage. During this evaluation stage, a critical factor will be to ensure that the technical standards both meet the Canadian Hours-of-Service regulations, and synchronize with the US ELD standards. If that can be resolved, we do expect Gazette 2 – Final Rule to be released in June 2018.