2019 ELD Canada Mandate – Update

✅2019 ELD Canada Mandate – Update

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) is the regulatory initiator in the ELD mandate for Canada. They have recently released the updated ELD Functional Requirements that will be included with the Canada Gazette 2 final version.

✅There are 4 key areas where there are revisions from Canada Gazette 1:

✅ Transfer of ELD Electronic Documents During Roadside Safety Inspections

✅ ELD Information to Be Shown on the Printout and Display at Roadside

✅ Wireless ELD Data Transfer Through E-Mail

✅  ELD Registration and Certification

The final consultation process with stakeholders is underway, with the expectation for the release of Canada Gazette 2 to occur in early June 2019. Once that’s released, we should have an implementation deadline date for ELDs in Canada!